Quick Guide To Climate Change & UN’s Climate Change Summit 2015

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The United Nations’ Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) will take place in Paris in just two weeks time. This is your simple guide to understanding the event and why it is crucial for the future of our environment.

What is climate change?

We have witnessed the environmental temperature rise by a few degrees each year. Looking closely at data published by NASA, it is painfully obvious that over 100 years the climate has warmed exponentially. So who is to blame? Well, we are. We are responsible for this devious destruction of our own planet.


Is climate change natural?

Some will argue that the climate change may be “naturally” occuring. Suggesting that humans have nothing to do with how mother nature reacts. After all, England was a tropical country 50 million years ago. However, this is just not a feasible explanation as the rate of which the earth has warmed is not typical for Earth’s climate. This warming coincides with the expansion of human population. Moreover, it perfectly correlates with the increased use of non-renewable energy and increased carbon emissions levels.


How does climate change affect us?

Global climate change is no laughing matter. Just like terrorism and war, climate change kills thousands of lives each year. Floods and disease outbreaks often are attributed to warmer climates, which create excellent conditions for the spread of viruses and bacteria. Clean drinking water resources become sparse as climate warms. Finding/growing/harvesting food also becomes increasingly difficult. Yet little is done to prevent this. And prevent it we can.

How will COP21 help climate change?

At the #COP21 word leaders and governments are expected to reach a universal agreement on climate change. Kyoto protocol will be the key focus of the event, which requires governments to comply with the emission reduction targets. 40,000 delegates plan to attend COP21 in Paris, which will commence on 30th November 2015.


UNEP report: Emission impacts climate change

“The conference is often referred to as COP21/CMP 11 because the Conference of the Parties (COP) and the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) are the Climate Convention’s bodies which ultimately adopt the decisions at the end of the conference.”


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